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Zohourian Investment Company has been operating in Kargar Investment Holding since 2016 under the supervision of the North Cyprus government. Is. The field of our activity is investment, company registration and academic admission.
The big Kargar family has more than 400 experts and 17 active branches in Iran, Turkey, Dubai and Cyprus.
Using the expertise and experience of our consultants in residential and commercial real estate investment, as well as having the services of an excellent lawyer and consultant, we offer the best quality investment and sale of real estate services in North Cyprus.
If you plan to travel from other countries to visit North Cyprus and invest in real estate, you will benefit from our free accommodation.
The services of Zahourian Investment Company include buying and selling and investing in the field of real estate, company registration and admission to the most prestigious universities in North Cyprus.
The customer support unit of Kargar Investment Holding (after-sales service) is ready to provide the best services from the beginning of your arrival in Cyprus, such as free accommodation, airport transfer, city tour, shopping from chain stores, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions About Investing And Buying Property In North Cyprus

Buying property in North Cyprus is one of the most profitable countries in terms of investment. The real estate market is mostly dynamic and it is an area that enjoys foreign and domestic investors.

How much does it cost to educate children in Cyprus?
By obtaining Cyprus residency, children's education up to university is free.
Is it possible to obtain Cyprus residency by buying a property in North Cyprus? Do the family members get residence by buying the property?
By paying only 30% of the property's value, you become the owner of the property and receive your residence and family, and you pay the rest of the property's value in long-term installments without interest.
Is Northern Cyprus a good place to live?
The cost of living in the north is significantly lower. If you want to live in a beautiful and peaceful environment in the Mediterranean, North Cyprus can be a great choice. Forbes ranked North Cyprus as the best destination for the best beach shopping in 2021.

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